Saturday, October 27, 2012

THE SEARCH FOR THE NEW CLASSIC (Spring-Summer 2013 Review)


        Classic. What do something need to have in order to be labeled as classic? There are 3 major rules; being elegant, simple and timeless. You need to feel the richness of what you're wearing. Elegance do not come only with the price but also comes with how tailored the garment is. The materials must be elegant itself. The strongest and the finest fabrics, leathers and cloths should be used to make a certain product. With all of these high-end elements, everything must end with a simple and toned-down outcome. It must not be too loud and exaggerated. As what Anna Wintour always says, "less is more". Lastly, it must be something that never fades. It is something permanent but never gets old. It lives forever. 

Alexander Mcqueen
Alexander Mcqueen's bee inspired dress

         This article is a review of animal prints and transparents of the past spring-summer 2013 collections. I picked those two because they both represent the characteristics of being classic. I also observed that most of the designers are getting into it. Animal prints are even already there decades before I was born and still lives its fame until today but on the other side, transparents are still making it's way up but able to manage to enter mainstream. Will the experience of animal prints through the years dust the competition or will the promising entry of the futuristic transparents take it all? 


      Burberry, are one of those brands who started innovating their clothes with transparents. It has also became their new signature, neon transparents. From trench coats to rain coats to umbrellas, from handbags to dresses, give it all! With the emerging technology today, Burberry is able to try all these things. Christopher Bailey, the head designer of Burberry, is the one to blame for all these genius ideas. Other fashion houses are now following his footsteps. This new idea, the use of transparent materials instead of fabric, is a huge step for fashion.

       Even though Burberry changed things up, the collection still showed elegance and even made a new classic for them. Soon, they would be able to call it a Burberry classic. 

Below are more pictures of spring-summer 2013 animal prints and transparents face-off.

animal print
Erdem's combination of the reptile prints with the pale blue fabrics and laces are perfect!

Dior's see-through's are so chic! Simple but elegant.

These dresses are breathtaking! Monique Lhuillier's ocean inspired dress and Carlos Miele's  jungle inspired dress are striking!

Valentino's handbags. Which one do you prefer?

Nude shoes from Miu Miu, Valentino and Givenchy

Zebra inspired sling bags from Chloe and Stella McCartney

What do you think about this Anna Sui's sandal and Erdem's reptile-skin heels?

 I really love that Burberry handbag! That Stella McCartney purse look like gem! 

Here is Fendi's own version of transparents combined with geometric patterns.
Chanel's hats!! They may not be used as sun visor but they will certainly look good on you! 

What's more elegant? That Lanvin stone bracelet or that Erdem's gloves?

Don't you love Philip Treacy hats? If you're a fan, that feather hat is a must-buy!

         It is really hard to choose a NEW CLASSIC. Both still need time to fully establish themselves in the industry. They're all fine, fresh and fierce, so why bother picking one if you can sport both of them? Happy cold season guys! :)

Valentino = Transparent Animal

*pictures are from spring-summer 2013 collections*

photos by GoRunway
edited by littlechicboy


  1. Me encanta!! I agree with you that feather hats are the best!! And I love all the transparent looks you have captured here!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. Thank you! :) I just checked your blog, and I love it! :*